Folding – Doodle Dandy

Next we moved onto a Dandy folding caravan (Doodle Dandy – the first to have his own name) , PVC canvas so no worrying about putting it away wet, excellent.  Two permanent double beds and a further double bed could be made from the dining area. We also had an awning which was a novelty.  However we found the roof liked to take off if you were trying to put it up /take it down when windy and they are heavy! I recovered the upholstery and made new curtains, it was missing a loo but real luxury after a tent.  Would we recommend one?  Absolutely. They’re easy to tow, and you can pack a lot of things inside before folding so there’s no need to stuff the car full.  Won’t cost you a fortune to buy and easy to do repairs armed with a rivet gun and bungee elastic! Also had an in floor heater which was bliss.

Note:We also learnt to check the wheel nuts ourselves following a service, the wheel fell off on me on the way home! A x


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