Folding – 2JRs, an Octavia and Ethelbert Esterel

We added Jack to the family, the ‘ puppy ‘ on the floor was one of those ‘ breathing ‘ toy ones to compare the size!

Then  of course he might be lonely, so we added Jess in February 2009.


Then we changed the car.  2 kids, 2 dogs and a folding caravan to pull, this was getting serious.  A Skoda Octavia TDi 4×4, we still have it and still love it!

And this was Ethelbert…

A four berth Esterel folding caravan and this had a toilet!  Superior quality.

Of course all the upholstery had to be updated! Out with the sewing machine again…

Even a matching lampshade!

Amazing how these fold into a trailer and how much stuff you can still pack away in there.  But yet again it didn’t seem to fit us properly.  As you can see the awning was bigger than the ‘van!


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