Post arrived today and other things

As well as the Caravan Club magazine, we’ve received an free sample of Wessex Bio Blue!

It’s a natural and eco friendly odour eliminator which you simply spray on and it eliminates smells at the source.  I must say that my first though on opening the box was “it smells like caravans!” and it does which is wonderful as it means I can get a fix whilst we’re not away.

(Excuse the picture, quickly taken with the tablet so that I could get it in here, I may have to change that, as I’m sure it will drive me insane!) I had to retake it, couldn’t live with such a bad pic! 
Otherwise this week, nothing much has been going on apart from being without hearing since last Thursday, now on day 5, the plumber that originally fitted it came home Saturday and couldn’t work it out, a new heating contract later and the boiler has been put out of commission because the gas pressure isn’t what it should be at the boiler apparently.  Wonderful.  So now we have to have new gas pipework put in.  Argh! #I’dratherbeinmycaravan 


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