New vlog, nearly new season.

Well today we took the plunge and made a vlog where we were the main and pretty much only focus.  We were nervous, a little scared, a little terrified and it was a big step.  Neither of us are great with things like this, I don’t mind blogging, I can write almost anonymously, bit too have to speak to a camera is another thing entirely!  Now it’s done and we’ll never have a first face to face vlog to do again.

I can’t wait to get out in Sydney, I’m seriously slacking this year I’ve usually got all our weekends booked by now but so far only our summer fortnight is booked.  Looks like our first weekend will be in March another 33 days to go!  I’m looking forward to the “and relax” feeling I get once we get to site and the kettle’s on.  

We last went out at the end of November, it will have been a long 12 weeks.  It wasn’t the best weather, there was a hard frost that made wonderful patterns on the car and on the branches and it was foggy, but the feeling of utter peace I get from just being in the van is hard to explain. My brain pauses, it stops it’s relentless spinning, it’s never ending churning with lists of things that have to be done, should be done and forgotten to do.

I’m looking forward to seeing the Spring arrive, the snowdrops, the daffodils, buds on trees, the extra Spring in my step.  

But I really love Summer, I can live in my fitflops.  Enjoy long days, sunny or not. Visit our favourite site, Pembrey and celebrate our first wedding anniversary there.  Walk on Cefn Sidan and feel as if you’re the first person to see it and walk on it.  Look at the view across to the Gower, eat BBQ and salad (salad and winter don’t go!).  

We have a busy few weekends in front of us, water system to clean and flush, restock and check over Sydney, caravan show to attend and hopefully vlog about, a wedding, Aimée’s off to New York next week with school for a week, oh and work.  

We’re still learning how to edit video – sticking with Movie Maker for now, we’re still trying to decide on our logo – this keeps changing any help gratefully received.  I need to print out some form of logo before the 24th and get it on our polo shirts which haven’t yet arrived.  

I need a weekend away to get away from it all!

Andi x


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