Bad times come good.

*Does the happy dance*

So glad there’s not a camera around!

We’re off for the weekend.  How excited am I?  Very!  Can you tell?



I’ve been desperate to get out in the caravan since we last went at the end of November and now we’re going.  We’re only going a couple of miles from home this time, literally under 5 miles but it really doesn’t matter because YOU COULD BE ANYWHERE!  You’re not looking at the same brick walls, you have a totally different view of the world around you, there’s no pressure from the 1001 things that you need to do at home, or things you should be doing, should have done or will need doing.  It’s unbelievably freeing.

I suffer with depression and high functioning anxiety, it’s haunted me for years.  I can be great or I can be terrible or even somewhere in between.  I survive a lot better with something to look forward to and my ultimate pick me up is a day or 2 away in the van.  Whether it’s the fresh air, the location change, the attitude I have when I’m there ie: “I don’t care nothing will bother me”, I don’t know.  I wish I could transport the feeling back home with me but then would it still be as enticing?  “And breathe” is my mantra once we’re sitting having our first brew.

Yesterday I got myself upset because our go to site had no pitches.  It’s taken me a good 12 hours to sort my head out and find somewhere else to go.  It really shouldn’t upset me, but it’s the sort of simple thing that throws me completely out.  I may look “normal” on the outside, but you never know what meltdown I’m having internally.


Local site, hardstanding, electric.  On the edge of a local country park.  No shower block etc but that’s why we have our own and if we’re really desperate we can pop home for a shower although I’m more than happy to use ours.  I’m sure Jack & Jess will be suitably dirty from roaming around the  park and we will get the chance to check out the caravan (and if needed go and get anything from home that we’ve forgotten to put in after winter – there’s usually a good possibility that this happens).

Looking forward to taking some pictures over the weekend as we continue to get used to the new Nikon.  I was once again taking pictures of the moon this morning, I need to get a new subject.

Our Caravanning calendar now has 3 dates, still a fair few to go.  Perhaps we’ll plan a few more this weekend and get booking.

February Weekend booked
March Weekend booked
April Easter to book
May Weekends to book
June Summer hols booked
July Summer hols booked
August Weekends to book
September Weekends to book
October Weekends to book
November Weekends to book
December Weekends to book

We’re out, setup, had first brew and a double chocolate cookie. However….

First mistake of the weekend – forgot to put the #corelle plates and bowls back in after using them in the house over Christmas 😯  luckily we’re just under 5 miles from home!  This is why the first weekend after winter is best done close to home in our case. 



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