First weekend of 2017

Despite my meltdown over not being able to book our go to site we still managed to book a very local site for a weekend getaway.

The Lodge Caravan and Motorhome Club CL, Red Hall Lane, Halmerend,  Staffordshire ST7 

All hitched up and ready to go Friday lunchtime. 

We decided to go the longer way round to the site as the direct route takes us through little villages where cars are parked on both sides of the road and it’s a little tight. Doesn’t help that people around the lanes drive like bats out of hell either. After only a short wait in traffic on the A34, we joined the A500 at one junction and left at the next then only a couple of miles to go.  

Red Hall lane that the site is on is dreadful!  Even the potholes have potholes and we very gingerly picked our way around and through them, poor Sydney got a rattling.  Luckily the site entrance isn’t far. 

Basic site, no shower block, 2 hardstanding pitches, 3 grass and the usual electric, water, waste and variety of bins.  It’s encouraging to see 4 different bins to make it easy to recycle. 

Doesn’t take us long to setup, no awning this weekend but to be fair a Vango Braemar 150 inflatable doesn’t take long to setup.  This weekend was more about checking over the van after it’s winter rest since the end of November. 

Not a bad little CL, a fishing pool and also B&B across the lane.  Just down the lane a little way is Bateswood Nature Reserve.

Our first mistake, there’s always one – 


We use Corelle in the van and at home and took them out to supplement the home ones over Christmas!  Rob nipped back home to retrieve them and picked up an Indian takeaway on the way back.

Lovely views on site. 

Saturday dawns fine and bright and we decide to take a stroll around the nature reserve, getting out on a walk really lifts my mood and makes me feel at peace.  

There’s a few memorials dotted around dedicated to local miners. 

And Spring was starting to sneak in.. 

At one point way over on the other side we may have got side tracked and ended up following a very small, very muddy path which followed the fence line, I’m saying path it was probably less than 10 inches wide and must have been made when the fence was put in rather than being an actual path, we were forced to retrace our steps to try and find the real path.  This also involved traversing a heavily water logged field which made our boots a delightful muddy brown colour from top to bottom, not to mention the extra inches the mud added to our height as it stuck to the bottom. 

Sometime later we saw the lake again, having taken in some lovely scenery and ‘Springyness’.

Jack and Jess were suitably tired and muddy, and my boots were a different colour than when we left.  It was lovely to be outside exploring somewhere we weren’t familiar with even though it’s so close to home. 

We will definitely add the site to our list especially when we want a quick getaway, a minimum of driving and the maximum amount of time on site for a cheeky weekend away all for the princely sum of £12.00 a night, cheap as chips! 

Andi x


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