New tech…

Ah the joy of pressing that button “Add to basket”, I must admit I do love new things, especially shiny new tech and gadgets, luckily so does Rob!

We’ve had a not so fun week trying to get hold of said new tech, 3 orders cancelled from Amazon sellers without an explanation, 1 sat for a whole week before they decided to cancel it.  To say I was less than impressed is an understatement.

Our poor laptop was struggling with video editing, so of course we had to have a shiny new one, or that’s my excuse anyway.  Luckily some of Rob’s shares had been ready to cash in for a while and this seemed as good a time as any to use them.  Two cancelled orders later and welcome to a shiny new Asus, i7, 512GB SSD + some other normal drive which I’ve forgotten the size of, dedicated Nvidia Geforce graphics card with dedicated RAM of 8gb, we like it a lot.  So far.

Rob’s been on lates and therefore we’ve not really had a lot of time to play with it although I’m happily typing the blog on it at the moment, but of course that’s hardly stretching it’s capabilities.  As Rob will obviously be spending a lot of time using the laptop to edit vlogs I required something equally or more portable that I could use to blog on, as my 7″ android tablet was ok, but I also wanted drawing capabilities.

This was the order that has sat waiting for a week before the useless bunch of toerags decided to cancel the order with no explanation.  I must admit to the air being blue yesterday!  I finally found another Microsoft Surface to order after much mooching around the internet and have just had notification that it’s been posted by Royal Mail 24 hour.  Then of course we have the problem of Royal Mail not delivering all parcels on a Saturday so I still may need to wait until Monday before it actually arrives.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s here tomorrow because I have a case and pen to use with it that are staring at me reproachfully from the corner of the living room, I just can’t cope with the poor things feeling so unloved!

Of course, the above purchases have also caused me to add things to my Amazon wish list, a new 13″ laptop bag, a new USB disc drive, oh and we still need to get a longer USB to mini USB for the dashcam, do I need a new card reader for the Surface?  I can’t remember if it has one or not, I may have one upstairs but lets put it on the list anyway.

Today we also received a parcel from @Blue_bio a sample of their all in one fluid for the caravan toilet which I’m hoping will eradicate the black bits that constantly appear in the caravan loo despite it being drained each time.  Time will tell we’ll be off in the not too distant future to try it out.  Also they sent me a sample of their Teak treat, we have an unloved gas bbq sitting in the garden which will be treated to some of this.  I will of course take before, during and after footage for a vlog!

It’s amazing what you can justify when you have a need for shiny, shiny things.  I think we need help and probably need to get out in the caravan where our minds will be occupied with much more natural things and a return to nature!



4 thoughts on “New tech…

  1. Well done Andi, I may do this one day x

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  2. Exciting times! Look forward to pictures of the new tech and what you produce with it!

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