Weekend No2 2017 is looming

3 sleeps left until weekend No.2 of 2017.  It really can’t come soon enough!  The last couple of weeks have been stressful, work’s busy, I’m trying to get my private work organised ready to hand over to someone else (I hope) on the 31st of this month, we’ve had different editing software – CyberLink PowerDirector 15, new laptop and Surface which all needed to be set up and I’m still adding apps that I need, veteran’s lunch last weekend where I ate almost my own weight in Guinness cupcakes, visit to the Grandparents who had managed to set the car display to Portugese and KPH which confused them no end and I may have had one or three Dragonflies.  Yesterday it took me over 2 hours to upload a Vlog because PowerDirector was adding some Codec or other to the MP4 and YouTube was spitting it out like a spoilt child, but not until it had loaded each time to about 98%, I was ready to forget vlogging forever.

The last few days have been full of blue skies and sunshine, even though I’m struggling to sleep recently it’s really lifted my spirits in one way and in others just made me want to be away in Sydney even more.  It’s not possible to explain to someone that doesn’t camp/caravan how it feels to set up somewhere else for the weekend, to look out the windows and see a different view, different smells, and that feeling of relaxation once the legs are down and the kettle’s on.  Best of all I’m still sleeping in my own bed and I can have a lie in.

At home my body and mind refuse to acknowledge any possibility of a lie in, if I’m really lucky I may wake at 6, with the lighter mornings I get up at the crack of dawn along with the noisy sodding birds.  This invariably means that I’m one of those people that gets less sleep on my days off than I do when I’m at work, due to going to bed later in the vain hope that I may actually sleep later.  Yet in Sydney, I’ve even been known to sleep until just after 9am!  It’s rare, but it does happen.  It really is like being in a different dimension or a different life altogether.

We’re lucky in that we have room at home for Sydney and don’t need storage, when we first moved into the house 4 1/2 years ago we had to use a storage site for Casper until we  widened the driveway and as we’d never used storage before it was a bit of a culture shock.  We use the caravan as another larder, it’s handy to pop top the top of the drive to get a tin of something or the coffee and teabags if we run out.  I wish I could say we put everything back in once it’s clean but all those things tend to sit at the side of the dining room table and get thrown in the boot when we’re ready to hitch up.  In our defence, if we go anywhere near the caravan Jack and Jess create an unholy racket and weave through our feet so much that one of these days there’s going to be a nasty accident.  When we are getting ready on a Friday morning, they get put in the car as early as possible and once there we don’t hear a peep out of them, anyone would think they like caravanning.

I tend to have cooked a few spare meals and frozen them so it’s only a matter of grabbing a cool bag, and adding milk, butter, bread (salt and pepper loaf from Morrison’s is our favourite), a selection of cold meats and cheeses, frozen ‘ready’ meals and the usual caravan food that we don’t have every day such as cake and biscuits. Because calories don’t count in the van.  Beer or JD for Rob and a couple of bottles of non-alcoholic wine for me, although this time it may be one bottle of wine and some Tanqueray, ginger ale and lime slices.  Some people are a bad influence.

We need to remember to flush out the ‘pink’ tank well this weekend so we can fill up with Blue_Bio and hopefully wave goodbye to black bits forever.  The weather may not be as nice this weekend as it’s been this week but it always looks better through a caravan window.  Whatever your plans this weekend, have a great one.

Andi x
















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