Overwater Marina 17 March 2017

Driving down the road on the last part of the journey towards our destination for the weekend, you can feel the sense of anticipation, the joy of being almost there, I want to behave like a child and ask “are we nearly there yet” but I know we are.

Sydney unhitched and in position, we’ve remembered to align the wheels for the Al-Ko lock this time, Rob pops the lock on and I set to with the drill on the legs.  Next the towing cover comes off, I grab the water containers from inside and the electric is connected.  We’re in business and the kettle’s on.

Now there is one pitch here that is an awful long way from the EHU, we know it, yet we still end up on the pitch and we’d only bought 1 EHU lead with us!  Can you guess where Rob was going?  Temporarily we hooked up to the vacant pitch next to us with fingers crossed that someone else didn’t arrive before we had the means to move our connection.


Time for a quick brew and a sandwich before one of us nips off to get the other extension and the other one, me, hoovers, tidies and then sits down to relax.  The constantly on switch is set to off and for the first time this month I’m winding down.

Friday didn’t see us doing a lot just continuing to work on releasing that escaping fizz, a quick walk round the new pitches to check on progress, the water and drainage points are in but no EHU yet.DSCN0164

Coming along nicely.  The shower block wasn’t quite ready either but someone was working in there quite late and again on Saturday and Sunday.  Friday night was mainly spent with the blinds up so we could admire the view that we know so well.  But the view is always changing, the sky changes constantly, the light, the trees and flowers are yet to get their summer clothes on, our perspective changes, and our frame of mind changes.  I suppose it’s tantamount to Mindfulness, taking the time to just be, to take in your surroundings and not project anything, to allow any thoughts to sweep on by without grabbing them by the scruff of the neck and shaking them.

Saturday morning dawned and the caravan had worked it’s magic I didn’t wake until 7, which is pretty much unheard of for me whilst at home.  I did ache though, my back has been playing up recently and reminding me it’s pretty much had it, c’est la vie!  We  were undecided on a trip into Nantwich, it can get quite busy but it’s a beautiful town the architecture alone is worth a visit or a walk along the canal to Audlem, looking at the sky we went for Nantwich!  Jack and Jess get rather grumpy in the rain.





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