Blue bio toilet fluid review


We recently received a sample of blue bio toilet fluid to try out in Sydney.  I don’t know if anyone else has a problem with black bits?  We have always used a popular blue and pink type toilet and tank fluid, we drain the flush tank at the end of each trip, we flush the tank through with clean water at the end of each season, yet we still have black bits.  I spend half my life in the caravan cleaning the toilet bowl it seems!


With the promise of a product that will eradicate the little pests and also be eco friendly, one bottle and a handy measuring cap built in, why wouldn’t we try it?

This weekend we got a chance to give it a go.

Before leaving we filled up the flush, drained it, filled it up, drained it to try and make sure that as much of the previous fluid was removed as possible.  Off we went on our jollies for the weekend.

The first thing I like is the one bottle bit, you don’t’ have to keep a check on 2 bottles to make sure you have enough of each and you only have 1 bottle to carry.  Anything that saves time and storage on a camping or caravanning trip is a bonus.

The second is the handy built in measuring cup.  No tipping into a lid, no guessing how much you’ve put in, squeeze until you’ve filled to the required level, that’s it!

Next the amount you need to use, teeny tiny amounts.  20ml in the bottom tank and 10ml in the flush.  30ml – that’s it.  From a 1 litre bottle that’s 33.3333 doses, which will last 3-4 days dependant on how much you use the loo.  One dose will last us the weekend easily, that’s 33 weekends on one bottle.

It’s blue, much preferable to pink, I’m not a girly girl and pink flush fluid isn’t really my thing.  It smells good!  No chemical type smell, just fresh smelling.

So Friday night we still had a few black blighters, but I expected this.  As the weekend progressed we found less and less, by Sunday I was struggling to see any.  *Happy dance*.

I’ve found a new toilet fluid that I’m happy with, that seems to have rid us of the dreaded toilet black spot, that saves space, smells good and is eco friendly.

Will we continue to use it?  Definitely, and I whole heartedly recommend it following this first use, time will tell if we remain as happy.  



















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