Weekend No 2, Day 2, Nantwich trip

So on Saturday I managed to stay asleep until 07:00!  To some that may be a ridiculous time to wake up whilst on holiday, to me that means I had a a lie in of about 1.5 hours, which is one of the many reasons why I love #mycaravan.  At home I’m lucky if I lie in until 05:30, on a good day, many mornings I can see the unearthly hour of 04:00 and as much as I do my best to bury my head under the pillow and pretend the light really isn’t starting to change outside, it doesn’t work.  How is it that Jack and Jess know when I’m awake, I don’t move, I don’t make a noise, but they KNOW.  Can I just point out that they don’t bother when Rob wakes up, they will quite happily stay snoozing in their bed and just keep an eye on him but if I’m awake that’s it they want to be up and at ’em, whatever ’em might be.

The sky looked rather ominous and we decided on a stroll around Nantwich so we could take advantage of doorways should the rain descend would be preferable to a walk along the unprotected canal on a stroll to Audlem.


View from our side window #OverwaterMarina

Nantwich is a lovely little town with plenty of boutique shops, coffee shops and the usual array of high street names.  The architecture is stunning and I’m afraid to say that my phone camera doesn’t quite capture the beauty, although the weather really didn’t help either.

There’s a gorgeous little bookshop, whose signs amuse me greatly….not so much Rob!


There’s usually something going on in town, at Easter there’s the Jazz Festival (Click here for more information)this weekend there was a Vintage and Artisan market and our favourite was the Vintage fire engine providing pizza!


If you’re planning a trip to the area here’s a site for you to see what’s coming up (Click for more information) the Food festival in September is well worth a visit, but it does get VERY crowded and we have often been forced to pick up Jack and Jess and carry them to avoid them getting stepped on, they’re not very big and often get missed.

I was enticed to have fish and chips, whilst Rob enjoyed a Steak pie and half my chips, we retreated to the car for an al fresco lunch and may have saved a chip each for J&J.  We also picked up 2 jumpers on sale for the little monsters, at a bargain price of 50p each!  They weren’t impressed and could probably have done with a bigger size but for 50p it was worth the looks we were given.


Back to the caravan to dry out and wrap up warm, put our feet up and watch life going on through the caravan window for the rest of the evening, with a beer, for him, and possibly a #Dragonfly for me!



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