Where has the time gone!

It only seems a day or two since the last blog, unfortunately time seems to have passed me by!  We had a hectic week last week, and unfortunately none of it involved Sydney.  Following the normal manic work week, we also had to include catching up on the boring household stuff i.e.: washing, hoovering etc. following our weekend away.  It’s really not fun getting back to #realworld living.  On Friday I had a training course on communication to attend, learning how best to communicate with patient’s and their families.  It was a useful course and I volunteered, you’d think that I’d learn never to volunteer for anything by now, but no it seems to be a built in part of me.   The fact that it was on a day off is even worse!

Saturday saw us at the wonderful Hoar Cross Hall in Burton upon Trent. Hoar Cross Hall website.


If you’re anywhere in the vicinity, this is a place to visit.  It also boasts it’s own spa, so perhaps you could book a treat!  We didn’t have much time to explore but the old greenhouses still seem to be in situ, next to the kitchen walled gardens to the left of the main building.

The gardens are immaculate and the church is beautiful, with stunning stained glass windows and high vaulted ceilings.


On Sunday, we traveled two and a half hours across country to meet a few people that you may have heard of at the Yorkshire Hussar Campsite for #TwitterCampUK the weather was gorgeous on the way there.


We were treated to an afternoon of sunshine and delightful company, although Jack and Jess were banished to the car at one point for being anti-social and causing us stress.  After 8 and a half years of camping and caravanning you’d think they’d love the company, but they’re terriers and a law unto themselves, grrr.


Didn’t even have to lift a finger and Trev and Richard let us borrow their plates for the event.  Why is it men congregate around any kind of fire?  It did get a tad worrying when the Cadac started giving out smoke signals to the whole of Yorkshire at one point, but it was quickly resolved.  The food was great, I especially loved the lamb burgers with a dollop of mint sause with garlic apparently from the Isle of Wight, and one of my favourites, cheese and biscuits to follow the main event.  A very big thank you to Cover4Caravans


It was a long trip back with the sat nav taking us literally up hill and down Dale for what I guess was the scenic route, the air was a little blue.


A thoroughly enjoyable, if exhausting, weekend which wasn’t helped by losing an hour’s sleep on Saturday night.




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