Another 2 weeks to go *sigh*

Well we’re into April and we still have to wait until Easter Monday before we next go away.  I feel like a child, I want to stamp my feet and throw a temper tantrum, I want to go NOW!  I get grumpy, I’m tired as I don’t sleep well at home, I want to spend my time outside or if the weather’s particularly bad I want to be able to sit and watch it through a caravan window.  However, the weather has been gorgeous recently and that just makes things worse.  If I could we would be away every weekend, but work and a house mean that we can’t, there’s always something we need to do and now the Spring is well under way the garden also needs attention.  Sometimes I really hate being an adult.

We took receipt of our Duvalay mattress topper yesterday, finally, and it’s already been in use on our bed at home!  We’ve ordered a new mattress for home, but it won’t be delivered until next week, so we thought we’d give the Duvalay a trial while we’re waiting.  I must say last night we both had a better sleep than we have had in a while, although I’m holding a true judgement until we’ve trialed it in Sydney for a week at Easter.  In the meantime it will remain on our bed upstairs until next Tuesday before relocating to the fixed bed in Sydney.

We’ve also had a Colapz watering can in a fetching aqua blue, this has been added to the pile of stuff to return to the ‘van before we go away.  We also need to decide if we’re taking an awning, if so which one?  We have a small Vango Varkala 150 air which is great for short stays, but we’re going for 7 days.  Do we need the larger Kampa Rally Pro 390?  Hmm may be a split second decision as we pack.  Then there’s cooking.  Do we take the Cobb, the Cadac or the George Foreman BBQ?  You know this caravanning lark is full of decision making!



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