The boring stuff

To tow the caravan, we need a tow car.  Said tow car in our case is a 2006 Skoda Octavia 1.9 TDi Estate 4×4, we’ve had it for years and years and years.  We keep it because, it’s comfortable, it has a huge boot, it does brilliantly on fuel returning around 35mpg towing, 45mpg around town and over 60mpg on motorway trips solo.  It also has a kerbweight of 1615kg, that’s important, newer versions just don’t have the same kerbweight.

21 April is MOT day, however as we’re due to be in Yorkshire at that point, I booked it in for it’s MOT today.  Off I go to drop it off and then wait for what seems like forever to find out if it’s passed or failed.  (Of course if you follow us on Twitter, you know it passed.)

Whilst said BFV (big friendly vehicle) is keeping the MOT tester busy I popped across the road to Dunelm for a Cappuccino and a nose around, because it would be rude not to..


I don’t know about you, but anywhere that has bits and bobs for sale like Dunelm, are a bit of a problem, have you seen how much stuff would look great in the caravan?  I’m sure you have.  From tea towels to duvet covers, colour matching saucepans and rugs, pot washing scrubber thingymabobs and crumb sweepers, the list is almost endless.  I think I resisted today, I’m not saying I came out empty handed, but, hmm, nope nothing for the caravan!  A couple of photo frames, a lavender reed stick thing for the bedroom (supposed to help me sleep), and some odds and bobs to go in a raffle box.  I’m quite proud of myself!  No new furry blankets, no knick knacks, nothing.  I’m not sure if it’s willpower or just because nothing was exactly what I wanted.

I’m sure another time, another shop will have me oohing and ahhing at something ridiculous that I have to have, because it would look so great in Sydney!  At least it all kept my mind off the MOT, which is actually good because we need 4 new tyres >.< OW!  Oh and we have a test drive to look forward to tomorrow, the new Skoda Kodiaq, which would definitely put a dent in our budget.




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