Seems to have been a long time coming!


Well we’re away and it seems as if it has taken months to get here, although in reality it’s only been 5 weeks.  Oh dear, that is forever.  On a good note this is the 3rd time we’ve been away this year, February and March were just weekends away but nonetheless much enjoyed and very needed, this time 7 days, 6 nights.  6 night’s of better sleep, with the first night already done I managed a lie in of 2 hours!  I didn’t open my eyes until 07:16 this morning, unfortunately with Jack and Jess seemingly having a telepathic connection, any chance of closing them again was gone as they then decided it was time for breakfast and a quick walk.


We’re in Yorkshire and so far the weather is pretty reasonable, this morning saw blue skies and I think the sun’s presence had most to do with me waking when I did.  The site is very quiet, although there are children here and a central play area.  Don’t want to give too many details away yet but we will reveal the name at the end of the trip.  Today has been a lazy one so far, it’s twenty past eleven and we haven’t done much apart from refill the water, empty the waster, shower and eat breakfast.  But that’s what our caravan means to us, no plans, a chance to recharge batteries and just do whatever we feel like even if that means doing nothing.  I’d love to say we’re out there hiking for miles every day, and if I had the energy to do it I would, we may have a hike at some point in the week but today we plan on doing a little grocery shopping and orientating ourselves.

Jack and Jess are fast asleep at my feet, but we need to do the shopping although they can be happy in the knowledge that I have all the food they need for the week!


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