A week in Yorkshire! Part 2

So what did we get up to in Yorkshire?  Monday afternoon and evening was the usual setting up, cooking (previously prepared curry and rice for a speedy microwave dinner) and relaxing.  Watching campsite life through the windows and generally unwinding.

This was also our first opportunity to try our new Duvalay mattress topper out in the caravan!  We had put it on the bed at home whilst we were waiting for our new mattress to be delivered and it was really comfortable, but that wasn’t the bed it was made for.  We’ve used a different topper previously, it wasn’t made for a shaped bed and it tended to wander overnight, it also wasn’t as thick, but it was much heavier.  The Duvalay fitted like a glove and has definitely improved our comfort, would we recommend one?  Yes!  There is a difference and they’re worth it (now I sound like a L’Oreal advert).  In fact we may invest in one for home at some point, even with a  new mattress.

DSC_0409Tuesday was much of the same, orientating ourselves to the area by finding the local Aldi at Monks Cross and sitting outside in the (hot) sun, I had my jeans on and my legs were a little red, all the way up!  But I’ll only subject you to the lower part.

We fired up the George Foreman BBQ for dinner and enjoyed lamb steaks and burgers with home made potato salad and salad.  We’d forgotten the mayonnaise, again, but we did have sour cream and chive dip which makes a great potato salad and is also great, funnily enough, on top of curry or chilli!  It’s great to find something that can be used more than the odd time with a multitude of dishes as it saves carrying half a dozen sauces.

We may also have had dessert in the form of a raspberry cheesecake.  Oops, what diet?  It doesn’t count when you’re on holiday in a caravan!


Wednesday we hopped onto the No. 9 bus from Monks Cross to York, using the Park + Ride.  Jack and Jess had never been on a bus before, yes they’ve been deprived!  Jack didn’t know where to look between window views from my knee, the temptation of a passenger’s ear in front of us and the doors opening and closing.  Jess was, as usual, nervous of the whole thing but once she was settled on her Dad’s knee she was fine.  We had no clue where we were supposed to get off the bus but managed to get off in town near the Pavement Vaults and bumbled our way towards the center.  We found the York Museum Gardens and decided that we’d take a walk through for a little stress release for our 4 legged companions.


Luckily the day wasn’t too hot and things weren’t too crowded so we were able to amble around and take the odd picture on our way.

We left the Gardens by the Kings Manor and Art Gallery and had a sneaky peek of the wall and Minster.


And we hadn’t yet been into the town proper as it were.  That will have to be Part 3 then!








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