A trip to Yorkshire..Part 3

So we’d made it as far as the Museum Gardens, by this time we needed lunch and I really wanted fish and chips!  After waiting for 10 minutes to be served I gave up and we took a walk along the outside of the wall before heading back into town, still fruitlessly searching for a chippy!  Plenty of pubs serving food but no chip shop.  We settled on a Cornish Pasty and no sooner had we bought it and started eating it than we spied a Fish and Chip shop, for heaven’s sake.  We finished the pasty but didn’t follow up with the fish and chips.

Just as we were finishing eating, whilst perched on a wall in front of the York Chocolate Story, a street performer began his show of fire eating and sword swallowing!  Made my throat saw just thinking about it.


We continued meandering through the streets, with no plan and no rush.  We walked down the Shambles, as I’m sure most people do, and had a walk through the Shambles Market where we may have purchased a box of fudge each from that Fudge Guy. Salted Caramel for me and Rum and Raisin for him (he wants to be a pirate).  Here we are looking like a pair of numpties!



We also found one or two window displays which may have been of interest to some.  I have someone in mind, do you?


Of course we also had to find our way to the Minster, it’s hard to miss it towering majestically over the town.DSCN0403-COLLAGE

We enjoyed our day in York, Jack and Jess made lots of new friends, Jack especially loved the gentleman who let him kiss him over and over again.  I’m sure we’d get a lot more done and see more things without the dogs!  We magically found the bus stop for the No.9 Park + Ride, it definitely wasn’t a planned find, more a “let’s try that way, hmm ok perhaps that way?” but find it we did and we hopped back on, this time sitting behind the driver so no-one was given kisses over their shoulders.

For those who didn’t find what they needed in York or if you need to pick up anything from the supermarkets on the way back, Monks Cross has the normal array of shops including: Aldi, Asda and Sainsbury’s (Asda had the cheapest Diesel thanks to the Petrol Prices website).  It has an abundance of stores including John Lewis, Debenhams and Hobby Craft, you can check it out here.

It was time to head back to site for us, Jack and Jess were scowling at us and thinking that we’d forgotten it was past their dinner time.  Frozen chilli was quickly defrosted and rice cooked for us, Jack and Jess were appreciative of their dinner apparently, it didn’t last long anyway!  Just one last thing to do, Rob cracked open a beer or 2 and I may have indulged in a Dragonfly whilst we enjoyed a stunning sunset from our front window.





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