A week in Yorkshire…Part 4 (good grief!)

Thursday morning dawned bright again, I walked the dogs and Rob got the morning brews and their breakfasts ready, we had a leisurely morning eventually dragging ourselves to the shower block (which are closed between 11 and 12 every day).  We then took a trip to Yorkshire Lavender which was just a short drive away.   Just as we were leaving the site we saw 2 teeny baby rabbits in the hedgerow but we only managed to snap a pic of 1.  So cute!  We saw them a few times after this.


As I previously mentioned, unfortunately we couldn’t take full advantage of the grounds as we couldn’t take the dogs into the gardens.  However we did manage a quick walk around the shop, the nursery and the nearest of the gardens.



There’s also a cafe but we didn’t partake.  We did however come out with a few wild garlic plants, a lemon curd thyme, a lemon thyme and some oregano to add to our herb garden at home.

The nursery was like walking into Willie Wonka’s, chocolate, strawberry and orange mint to name but a few, there was an amazing smelling curry plant which was apparently good for keeping cats from the garden!  Luckily all the few plants we bought fitted snugly into a spare washing up bowl for safe transport.


There was also something for that gin loving person, can’t quite remember his name?

DSCN0437 (1)

As we hadn’t been able to take the dogs in with us, we stopped off on the way back to site at Sheriff Hutton itself.  It’s a charming little village with its own castle ruins and we took J&J off for a wander.  You can’t explore the ruins but there is a circular walk around them, we parked at the Village Hall which has a lovely little children’s playground and walked through the village, the path to the walk is hidden away up a private drive, but it’s well sign posted.


I especially liked the part in the bottom left picture that looked like a face!  Might be quite haunting on a moonlit night if the light was shining through.

Back to Sydney for food, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was!  We also spent a good few hours watching with bemusement at someone trying to put up a Bradcot Modul Air awning, they already had help so we didn’t want to make a nuisance of ourselves! I love these awnings but for all the pieces we want/need it would cost well over £2000, they’ll have to come down a fair bit before we spend that, either that or when we win the lottery haha! I do remember having to nip out again for emergency supplies after spilling the juice I’d extracted.  Any clue what I wanted these for?



I didn’t make a Key Lime Pie.

I might also have picked up cream cakes and a Simnel cake as well, along with more AAA batteries.  We have a packet in the van, but could we find them, nope.  I wouldn’t mind but we had them in the morning, I swear we have pixies that follow us wherever we go.   They usually hide my clothes, this time it was batteries for the remote.


You’ll be happy to know that I’m nearly at the end of this series of blogs, I think I should be able to wrap it up in the next and (hopefully) final part.

Take care, enjoy your caravan, grab every minute you can.











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