A week in Yorkshire…Part 5 (the finale)

Time goes so fast when you’re away, a week at work takes forever and yet the same time or more goes by in a blink of an eye once you’re relaxed and enjoying a much simpler life.

Friday we purchased the iFootpath app (courtesy of Google Rewards for which I have over £20.00 credit, £77.91 earned in total since I installed) and asked it to show us easy walks in the area.  It showed us a walk in Terrington, 3 miles long, only one boot which meant it was fairly level and an easy walk.  My back is shot, and it’s been playing up this week so 3 miles on the level seemed an ok thing to do.  Off we went, parked up in the village and headed off on the walk.


Foraged wild garlic

It follows a very quiet lane which passes the church, and a farm or two.  The sun was shining and J+J had plenty of time to mooch in the hedges as we ambled along.  I spotted two plentiful patches of wild garlic and foraged a few leaves and a couple of flowers on our way back.  I really need an app to help me identify more things to forage, I can do wild garlic, the usual blackberries, Elderflower etc, but I know there are far more things we could try.  If anyone knows of a good one, please let me know!  When I spent many a weekend in the Peak District with my Grandparents as a child, there was always something to pick, mushrooms, wild herbs, even branches which my Grandad made into walking sticks for everyone.


The peace, quiet and ease of the walk was a balm to the soul and it makes you realise how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful country.  We have seasons, we can listen to rain on the DSCN0451roof, marvel at the sparkly newness of snow fall, bask in the sunshine (we have far more than most people generally like to think), and watch the countryside bloom during the Spring.  Those of us clever and cool enough to tent/caravan/motorhome open up the areas we can explore, enabling us to peek at and explore places that others will never even think of visiting, whether you travel far and wide or stay closer to home.

Off to Malton (which was a traffic nightmare) and a trip to Morrison’s to re-stock the fridge, we’re not sure when we’re meeting up with people and if a BBQ will be required, sneaked in a hot snack from the food counter, then back to Sydney.  We have new neighbours who are struggling with their awning, which they described as divorce in a bag, we find this a funny saying as it seems we have a knack with awnings, so we do the right thing and help out.  A few minutes later and all they need to do is peg the outside out, tada!  If you’re ever in need on a site we’re on give us a shout, we don’t mind at all.

Dinner tonight, Pork fillet cooked in wild garlic and butter with a plentiful plate of veg and new potatoes.  It’s the penultimate night and a tinge of sadness starts to sneak in at the edges.

Saturday means a run down to Beverley to meet up with my friends, Michelle and Sean, that I haven’t seen for around 17 years!  It was lovely to see them and we even managed a very quick detour into Beverley and a quick look around Boyes to purchase dog treats, I could spend hours in there, ah the nostalgia.  Beverley has grown up a lot since I lived there but luckily I was just about able to navigate our way around.  It’s well worth a visit if you’re that way.

Back up to Monk’s Cross to fill up the car with diesel at Asda, then to meet Rob’s friend Paul and his wife Tracy, he hasn’t seen Paul for around 10 years so it really was a memories kind of day.

Saturday night and I still want fish and chips, the C&CC sites book says there’s a fish and chip van that visits on a Saturday night, but alas it visits no more.  Rob was the best of hubbies and drove off to Thompsons Fish and Chip restaurant for a takeaway, while I buttered bread with real butter.  dsc_0431.jpgWe watched the sun set again for the final time on our holiday, slept the night away and woke ready to pack up and leave.  We enjoyed our Yorkshire vacation, thank you for reading about it, I hope you enjoyed it too.  There will be a Vlog too on our YouTube, at some point….






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