Monthly Archives: Dec 2017

So long 2017 don’t let the door hit you ….

I know I’ve not blogged for a little while, apologies! Then again we’ve not done much caravanning either which is terrible.

So a quick run down of what we got up to this year. We started this blog, our Twitter account and YouTube. We have over 500 Twitter followers, thank you all soooo much for reading my drivel.

We’ve met up with new people, many of them are now old friends. We spent 6 weeks away in the caravan over the year, yippee! Mainly on CAMC CL’s but 2 weeks on the club site at Pembrey, a weekend at Cirencester and a week on a CCC site in York.

We applied for and received our first press passes for the Motorhome and caravan show at the NEC in October and spent a fair few hours over 3 days traipsing around wondering what people wanted to hear about. We did a live video from there too.

On the downside where do I start, we lost Rob’s lovely Dad to cancer just 3 weeks after being diagnosed, it was a difficult time. I lost my clinical job due to my back problems and have had to go back to an office job which is a job and that’s about all I can say! December, again difficult, another family member has been diagnosed with cancer for which there will be no treatment as such and Rob was made redundant 2 weeks before Christmas.

So, we’re glad to see the back of the last few months of this year.

Wishing you all the very best for 2018, I wish you all health and happiness and if there’s room for another request then I hope you’re all financially stable or even multi millionaire lottery winners!

At the very least many happy nights away in your caravan/motorhome/camper/tent/add any other form here!