Out of the ordinary..

If you’ve read through my blogs, you may know that I suffer with depression and anxiety, a heady mix! One is bad enough, both together can make you feel like you’ve been through a mangle a few times a day.

Caravanning has helped enormously, but I do suffer when we’ve got no time booked away and nothing to look forward to or if it’s been a while since we’ve been out.

Our caravan is my salvation, a safe zone, a no worries area where I can forget about a million and one problems that could be real or not. Away from the house that doesn’t have enough storage, that never looks tidy, that weighs me down.

It’s difficult to explain what a difference the van makes, the easy things are a smaller space to keep tidy – although it’s not always tidy I know it will only take a minimum amount of effort to get it there, a different place – whether it’s 5, 50 or 200 miles away from home it’s away, I’m surrounded by countryside, hopefully, my favourite sites are small CLs where there’s an absence of people! I’m not anti people per se, but I do struggle with a lot of people.

It’s just an overwhelming feeling of relaxation, of peacefulness, of being able to breathe just that bit more. A simpler life, uncluttered and more in tune with nature I guess. I sleep so much better even if I haven’t moved from the van all day! That alone is a bonus.

So I’ve struggled recently as it’s been 45 days since we went away last and that was only for a night, but hope is on the horizon and it’s only 3 more sleeps before I’m back in my safe space for 3 nights.

Whatever your reasons for caravanning, enjoy every minute!

A x

6 thoughts on “Out of the ordinary..

  1. Angie Wakelin

    Hi Andi
    I too have struggled with depression and anxiety over many years. It helps to have people to talk to who aren’t family or friends. I don’t think any of us truly open up to them. If you ever need to talk then I’m happy to listen.


  2. Caravan Vlogger

    Yes very well written, this could have been written by my partner Mandy and all rang true. We can go anywhere with our caravan as she’s happy that we’re taking our home with us, our safe place.


  3. cookie1298

    Very well explained Andi and although neither of us suffer, wedid have issues crop up. We went through a horrendous and emotional two years, not the least of which is Tina’s health. She is in severe pain 24/7 and our 1927 built house was getting her down. Other major isdues hit us in those two years making matters so horrible to contemplete. Then Tina suggested that we just sell up and go in our safe haven and travel. Well, our youngest now has our house and we have been on the road since January 12. Tina’s pain has not gone but the stress of looking after the house has. We have met lovely people on the way and love our life now. Tina is undergoing the first of two major surgeries tomorrow which will bring relief from her pain. So reading your blog I can fully appreciate everything you say. Its not a cure but what wonderful relief being in the van gives. Enjoy your well earned break.



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