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Kuga – first tow

Normal people may decide to go local for the first tow in their new car, we’re not quite normal.

For the first part of our journey we embarked on an almost 100 mile tow from home to Moreton-in-Marsh to attend twitter camp for Trev on a Bank holiday weekend!

At the 11th hour we found that our towing mirrors weren’t going to work, so I popped down to Spinney caravans for new millenco mirrors, eek! How much!?

We’ve always been happy with the Octavia towing at around 34mpg with ease, it was with trepidation that we wondered just how much this Kuga was going to cost us in fuel.

We needn’t have worried too much, we returned 32mpg on the tow down on a mixture of motorway and A road driving. Pleasantly surprised. Our Sydney weighs just under 1480kg, the outfit was super stable, even when overtaking lorries – I hate lorries, not a twitch and plenty of power in the 180bhp (it is bhp isn’t it?) auto engine to pull away when needed. Thanks to my little flappy paddles I can also change gears manually which is a bonus.

Comfort wise, nothing bad to say, I do admit to sitting on a microfibre towel on top of the leather seats though rather than removing a layer of skin when peeling myself off!

The view from the rear window was rather strange as Sydney seemed a lot closer to us than in the Octavia with the Kuga being a little shorter lengthwise.

Following a great 3 night stay at Moreton-in-Marsh with friends….

…. we loaded up again to travel 71 miles to Longleat, ugh, the traffic was horrendous and we returned 28 mpg, on a trip that took us almost 3 hours, through roadworks, up hill and down Dale.

No problems towing though, comfortable and those gear change paddles came into their own, with 90 gazillion roundabouts and sets of traffic lights to deal with.

5 nights of fun, friends – old and new, to see at Longleat for #TF19 (Tourerfest) …

… then a 157 mile, 3.5 hour tow back to home. We got 30mpg on this tow, again A roads and motorway, but uphill 😉

Overall, I’m impressed with the Kuga, which may be called Casper unless I can think of another more fitting name. Comfortable, stable, less boot room but manageable, and we could always pop the roof box on top – although we’d need steps to reach it!

To all you ladies out there I hope you tow too!A x