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New awning…

We’ve had umpteen awnings over the past 11 years, full awnings, poled awnings, air awning, canopy with sides and front, but I’ve never been happy with them for one reason or another.

We’ve had the Westfield rollaway for a couple of years, it’s great as it’s so flexible, canopy, sides, no sides, front, no front, all the bits, then more options of how much you actually close in. It is, however, heavy to roll back up into its bag and when I’m struggling with my back that can be a problem.

I’ve always wanted a particular make of awning. It always looks perfectly put up, it has many, many accessories, loads of spare parts available and looks as good after many years of use as it did at the start.

When we were away in the summer at White House Beach CAMC Site, there was a couple behind us who had a 9 year old one, it was dark in colour and looked brand new, there were quite a few others about on site and they all looked straight, they all fitted well and there were no baggy bits!

I’m sure you know by now what make of awning we bought. I’ll show you a pic!

It matches Sydney! You must know by now? If not the storm strap should give it away…

We’ve, of course, had an Isabella.

An Isabella Magnum Flint 400.


My little goldfish bowl lights even fit in its little windows…

It took us about an hour to put up the first time, but will be a lot quicker now we know where all the bits go. We were also panicking in case the heavens opened and all our stuff was still outside, haha! But although it could have been tweaked here and there, it still looked and felt lovely.

It’s not a cheap awning, but, the quality speaks for itself, the fabrics, the poles, the details like the reinforced areas behind the roof poles. The pegging points at the bottom of the poles (although they need to be a tad bigger for rock pegs please Isabella). I had to have the zip pull covers of course, you need 3 packets of 8 for the 400, just in case you need to know. A side veranda pole is included.

The sides are interchangeable and we need to remember to swap them round next time so the doorways are towards the front, there’s also a door each side of the front panel.

I may still have a list of a few things I want to add to it but I’m hoping we’ll never need to buy another awning again. Just need a cozy corner II, an eclipse front extension, an annexe or two, front veranda pole……

And in other good news, I’m already planning slight alterations to the sunshade I made so that I can use it on this one.

Hole in the table!

Argh! Last Monday, one of the poles from the awning fell onto our table and made a hole 😔 now it wasn’t a large hole, but it was there and annoying!

Having spent a few days looking for a solution I remembered that I had some Sugru in the drawer. It was a multicolour pack and I have no idea what I bought it for apart from thinking it would be handy.

So this morning, I set to fixing the hole using the black and white packets.

I grabbed a small amount of each and roughly mixed them together, it advises that you have around 30 minutes to mold and shape the glue once you open the packet.

I pressed the glue into the hole and used a credit card to level the top. I think it worked really well! Once it’s properly dry and gets a polish I don’t think you’ll know where the fix is. Easy fix costing a couple of pounds. Now what to do with the red, blue and yellow 🤔