2020 plans

A week and a half into 2020 and finally got my act together to book a few trips! The first trip wasn’t even a caravan holiday *gasp*!

We’re off to Cornwall for a weekend in June and decided it’s much easier to book an Airbnb than travel that far for 2 nights with a caravan in tow.

The second booking so far, has been for Pembrey in the summer. Last year, which would have been our 10th year there, we decided to try the east coast and somewhere new. We now know that we don’t want to be somewhere new. We love the Welsh coast and Cefn Sidan beach, we enjoy taking the time to relax and pottering about in peace and quiet, knowing where to nip out to if needed. Our shorter breaks we will try new places and CLs but summer holidays will be spent in Pembrey.

The third booking has been for Easter weekend. Again, somewhere we’ve been before, but local as we only have the 4 days and not the usual week off. Luckily there was space for us still!

Still a lot more to book but it’s a start. We’d better get the diary and dates out and get booking! Where are you off to this year? Have you booked up or still thinking?

Happy caravaning!

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